This is about the Lalaloopsies adventures in High School!

Episode 1. Jewel's CliqueEdit

Jewel starts a clique consisting of her,Tippy and Confetti,which may cause problems at the prom

Episode 2. High School DictatorEdit

Suzette gets bored in History Class that she becomes evil until the students wash her out

Episode 3. Pickles Gets ServedEdit

When Pickles gets very clumsy,she feels like everyone hates her so she runs away to make money for Crust n her lil sis Macaroni

Episode 4. Cheerleading TryoutsEdit

Peppy teaches Scraps,Suzette,Jewel,Pix E,Cinder,Alice and Lady to cheerlead while the boys on the football team teach Pete.R not to be so weak

Episode 5. The Field TripEdit

While on a field trip,the lalas travel through time

Episode 6. DetentionEdit

When Scraps,Suzette,Spot and Kat misbehave during English Class,they get in dentention,can they survive?

Episode 7. Genie Meenie Minie MoeEdit

When Jewel asks Sahara to finish her homework,she runs away from being sew stressed,can Jewel find Sahara n make it up to her?

Episode 8. Valentines DayEdit

Toffee and Velvet start shipping,which offends the other students




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